Monday, July 21, 2014

A little description Psychology Intuition

We all agree that there is something very interesting about 'intuition'. I am very excited to write this article (I may have to do a psychological excitement now). But first, let's talk intuition. Intuition is not peculiar to the human mind, which is intuitive as well as animals. Intuition is about predicting the response, it's about 'just know' something without reason or logic, as well as on the sensitivity and perception. Intuition is closely related to intelligence and intuitive people have a strong perceptive wit is about perceiving subtle intuition, and 'not so obvious'.

Very intuitive people have developed their intuition, conscious or unconscious, and they are interested in people and the workings of the human mind. Intuition is sometimes not followed the analysis, but the analysis is going so fast and instant intuition that seems like a mental process of 'stand alone'. So, this is a problem for psychology - involves intuition underlying the analysis do not occur instantly or without any analysis? Psychology

Sunday, July 13, 2014

How to Achieve Another Star System In Human Lifetime, Get now !

The man lived enough for life in general. With all the machines and other mechanical devices of various sizes and purposes that man has built just a amount of time before we reach the stars added than our own sun. Humans are very smart when it involves producing machines. We have been longing to send something to another star system for a continued time. The people involved in this effort want to be alive and to know that the device, object or projectile that they had been sent to another star system has reached 'goals. That means it must move abroad from the Earth and reach the 'destination within 122 years.

Our abutting star system is Centauri star system and the acceleration at which the device or projectile must travel to reach these systems within human life is between 10000-27930 miles per second. For example: lets break the acceleration of light into a number of fractions in which K