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A little description Psychology Intuition

We all agree that there is something very interesting about 'intuition'. I am very excited to write this article (I may have to do a psychological excitement now). But first, let's talk intuition. Intuition is not peculiar to the human mind, which is intuitive as well as animals. Intuition is about predicting the response, it's about 'just know' something without reason or logic, as well as on the sensitivity and perception. Intuition is closely related to intelligence and intuitive people have a strong perceptive wit is about perceiving subtle intuition, and 'not so obvious'.

Very intuitive people have developed their intuition, conscious or unconscious, and they are interested in people and the workings of the human mind. Intuition is sometimes not followed the analysis, but the analysis is going so fast and instant intuition that seems like a mental process of 'stand alone'. So, this is a problem for psychology - involves intuition underlying the analysis do not occur instantly or without any analysis? Psychology has the potential to develop this further by studying the empirical intuition.

I tend to believe that intuition can involve a momentary reasoning underlying mechanisms or can be entirely on a blank slate. For example, a black car following your car for work one Monday morning and on Tuesday if necessary, you will be too much to get this little by little intuition, that the black car was going a little faster to keep you in time once again. This kind of intuition is more analytical and is full of intuition, based on knowledge, thinking and analysis and predict your response.

There is another kind of intuition alone. You see people in a crowded supermarket and you know that this person will come up and talk to you and he did. Type is a non-analytical intuition, not based on the analysis or prior knowledge, but on feelings. You may still analyzing the body language of strangers is to intuitively understand that he will talk to you. But I say that intuition can be a non-analytically, because you can only see the image and know that you will go there someday, or you see images of people and know that you will meet him or her someday. This sort of thing, does not involve the analysis, it is a feeling. That's why intuition is so interesting. This happened suddenly, as from lightning strikes and 'you just know'. Do you know why after meeting hundreds of people, you marry or date that 'one' person? Do you know why after checking out a few houses, and the rest to buy or rent just one home alone? Of course, this intuition. Intuition is the basis of a big decision and there may be underlying the analysis and practical considerations, but ultimately we rely on our intuition.

Believe it or not, whether it is the great scientific discoveries or insights of religion, any progress that man has made​​, has been guided by intuition. Creative people are very intuitive as a kind of intuition requires creativity because when you predict the response, you really have to see or imagine things that have not happened and 'see' things involving creativity.

Special and the most important ingredient of intuition is hyper-sensitivity. Intuitive people are very sensitive to the broad environment in mereka.Seandainya They can at least to understand more and more to feel something more else, probably would be better if you immediately rushed to ignore something that is less likely to be difficult to handle. Intuition is more in need of any particular degree of smoothness tends to refer to the mental and gradually interest and detail. Let's say, you are a young single woman, and you walk into a bar or club or conference room. You observe three people talking and suddenly one of them stopped talking and maybe a little cough so soft. You just might have the intuition that the real power of this person will be a bit trying to talk to you or that he finds you so attractive in some way. You run pretty fast and once you see him, you slow down the speed for you, so he got intuition that you find it curious as well. So, this is a subtle cues that people pick up and intuitive to react or respond. Now, suppose that in a more professional situation, and so you do at least a presentation at a seminar hall and there are 500 more people in the crowd. Everyone is watching you and listening to your presentation, while a man keeps staring back at you without any reaction. So, you know that during the audience interaction session, he is the one who will ask you a question and he is not maximal. This is how intuition works, we only predict response and develop a kind of psychic and mental relationships with people, who really can not be explained logically.

Intuition requires certain special properties and these are 1) Hyper-sensitivity to the environment, 2) Keen observation, 3) Imagination, 4) intelligent response.

In order to develop intuition, we must be sensitive to the environment and pick up subtle cues and behaviors or attitudes of the information like a sponge. To be able to capture all aspects of the environment and get a comprehensive picture of things, we need a very sharp observation. There are several aspects to certain stimuli in the environment, so you have to get a quick bird's eye view of all the different aspects to understand why someone behaves the way they do or why something works on the road. Thus intuition about detailed yet comprehensive view of things. But intuition can be connected with the object. Suppose you are searching for a key in a bag and you do not find them, twice. Then all of a sudden you have the intuition that you will find them in the search for your third and you get your keys. Capital market analysts regularly depending on their intuition among other factors, to predict market conditions.

Intuition is very dependent on the environment and what we earn or learn through observation and sensitivity. Imagination plays an important role as you might think certain things and they just happen. It will be called psychic or paranormal powers and do a lot of research on so-called sixth sense. I'm a bit cautious about equating intuition and sixth sense. There are astrologers who will tell you why you developed a psychic bond with certain people, because of your mutual planetary conjunctions. I do not want to bring astrology or supernatural. Intuition is a natural trait of the human mind and is really based on the four factors of intelligence, imagination, sensitivity and observation. Intuition can be studied scientifically and scientifically explained and psychology evolve, we will know more about intuition and why it happens and how it affects us and our relationships around us.

Intuitive understanding depends on the intelligence of the intelligent response because without the perception of environmental cues, your mind is not flexible or sensitive enough to interpret the events around you. Intuitive common understanding between family members, long-term lovers, spouses, relatives, friends, co-workers and even strangers. Carl Jung has studied the relationship telepathy and synchronicity, and these concepts are closely related. But as I have mentioned, intuition is a concept that is very scientific and just need to be studied more thoroughly, so we know exactly how intuition works.

It is necessary to have a complete scientific understanding of intuition, because once we know the science of intuition, we will be able to explain telepathy, psychic bonds between people, synchronicity and all these mental phenomena that have been intentionally pushed into the realm of the supernatural because of lack of explanations.

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